(region to region in your state, aka local long distance)
(within your state)
(if chosen, extra $3 per month)
Try out long distance for 30 days (no contracts ever) and get a free ultra microfiber towel !!!!
- up to an $8.89 value and as always Free Shipping!
- go back to your long distance if not satisfied after 30 days and keep your towel or mitt for free
- no contracts
- included, free home "toll free" number   (if you have kids away from home 10¢ is a great deal!)
- If you have a detailing business, now you can offer a "toll free" number to your customers!!!!!
- Show your grandparent this great deal and keep their towel for yourself :)
YoSteve.Com Free Towel Offer or 100% Viking Wash mitt!!!!

Last Blastoff: January 27,

There are two plans to choose
Plan #1
Plan #2
$4.99 per month
4.9¢ per minute state to state
7 days per week; 24 hours per day
$1.99 per month
30 Free Minutes per month
Additional for  8.9¢ per minute
7 days per week; 24 hours per day
(includes Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan and US Virgin Islands)
(if chosen, extra $3 per month)
(within your state)
(region to region in your state, aka local long distance)
(for both plans)
FREE HOME TOLL FREE NUMBER with both either package
10¢ per minute within the United States
25¢ surcharge and plus 30¢ per minute from Canada
toll free rates
After 60 seconds, 6 second billing so you don't have to pay for minutes if not fully used.
- Calling Card Information should you need one:

Domestic Call: 25¢ surcharge for each domestic call plus 30¢ per minute, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Calls from pay phones will be assessed an additional 24¢ per call FCC mandated surcharge

International Calls: $2.50 surcharge for each International Call. Dial customer service at 1-877-ACN-1010 for more information regarding International Calling Card Rates.

Other information:
- You can change your long distance carrier at any time. 
- You can change your long distance carrier back at any time
- There are NO CONTRACTS for using long distance from ACN, you can switch back at any time
- If there is a fee for going back to your long distance service ACN will pay that amount.
- Identify and refer a family member, friend, or aquaintence or another number and receive another free towel.
- Must sign up for 30 days to recieve free towel (offer can be cancelled at any time 30 days not necessary, but towel should be sent back.
YoSteve is in FULL support of this program.  As with any product offered from YoSteve.Com, I fully endorse and approve of the product.  My customers safety, security, and privacy are of the utmost importance to me.  You do not need to give me your phone number in order to try out this great value.

PEOPLE AT HOME, please get your parent's or guardian to go ever the charges before signing them up to a differnt long distance plan.
<---check to see if correct!
1) type your full name and e-mail address (the name on the phone bill payer)
2) I will send you e-mail back confirming the setup
3) I will then e-mail you with the details.
4) I confirm through ACN that you have signed up for the trial service and will send your free item(s)
5) You continue service for at least 30 days and cancell at any time.
Names of any persons that will sign up also :
(you can choose to get all their free items or I will send them individually  out )
Note:  Clicking does not sign you up for anything, nor does it send me money.  It just sends me your name e-mail and question or comment, you will get information on how to try out ACN long distance and receive your free Ultra Microfiber Towel or 100% cotton Viking Wash mitt. 
Free Items may take longer than usual orders.--->
This free offer is subject to change at any time without notice.
(if chosen, extra $3 per month)
(within your state)
(region to region in your state, aka local long distance)