Order Today!!!  - Original Microfiber Towels
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     *New Mini-MF's*
Mini microfiber towels are available!!! 
They're 4"x4" towels and excellent for small detailing, eye glasses, and possible AIO wax application.  So cute and only 2 for $3 with an order (order through auto paypal).

       *New Applicator Sets Available*
Order Now!!

Here's a Close up of the NEW towels, so thick and plush!!!!!!

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The latest sample of microfiber towels came in GREEN!   They are plusher and thicker than the ones we know and love.  I have been working with the manufacturer to make them better and this is what they came up with.  They passed all the tests with flying colors and I will be ordering a few hundred.   Sorry about the long wait, but it a while before the samples came in before I could place my order.  (I must approve every NEW shipment.)  You guys will love these towels, they are an improvement of the ones we know and love.  There will be a wait on these as well, another 2 weeks.
Here's the Latest Flat Pricing for both US and Canada in US Dollars.

1 Towel      =  $8.89
3 Towels    =  $23.99
5 Towels    = $38.25
10 Towels  = $68.95

No additional Shipping or PayPal Fees
in the US and Canada!!!!*
International shipping may cost extra for orders >10 towels shippping rates may be different.
New prices Effective March 4, 2002

Last updated: March 1, 2003

Order now, prices may increase very soon.
Here is a picture of what the improved towels
look like, notice how plush and thick they are.
Yes they are GREEN!  and have passed all
the test with flying colors!!!!!

Everyone should have been contacted through e-mail,
if you haven't please e-mail me at yosteve@hotmail.com

Developement news: I am very pleased to announce that I have two other companies working an even better towel.  It will be the softest, plushest, 70/30 towel you've ever seen.  It's about time the autodetailing market be heard.  Remember this is still in the works (I heard the prototypes are nice), but my number one priority is getting some of the good old miracle towels that we know and love.

Hang in there guys, all this will be worth the wait. 
Order Today!!!  - Original Microfiber Towels