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I'm probably signed in (usually at night) and we have chat room sessions every Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.
It's a chat room so other's might be there too.
I would just sign in continue surfing any maybe someone you know from a forum or me might be on.  So sign in, no password needed, but login using your forum name.
Once you sign in you can hit, detach to keep it open in it's own window by itself.
NEW RULES: new rules have been established to keep order in the chatroom, please abide by them.

1) Everyone must buy a microfiber towel from me (okay worth a shot)
2) Everyone must address the person they are talking to.  If it is not to a specific person they should use something similar like addressing to everyone.
For example:    All: Why do Steve's towels rock?    or   
                              Mindflux: Have you ever detailed a car before? (I find it easier to abbreviate)
                              M: Why do you come here so much?
3) Please use your regular forum name so that everyone can recognize you.
If the java way doesn't work (it may take few minutes to initailize).  go back to the original link and click on HTML under the "Please Select a Chat Client Menu".  If all else fails, e-mail
I'm trying out Bravenet Services' chatroom.  It seems to load quicker and keeps more of the dialog in the window.  Keep in mind that you will need to have both the applet and the window open inorder to chat.  You will also have more options like font size, color, etc. Chat M, W , 10:30pm EST