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Here are some recommended uses of the Microfiber Towel (MT)
If you use it any other ways, please e-mail me at or post your experience at the MT forum.  This is from the directions included in very towel order.
YOU'LL LOVE IT: If you've never used a micro fiber towel before you're in for a pleasant surprise.  You will also realize that you will be so fond of it that you will want more  I know I did.  I liked them so much I started selling them.
FOR CARS' EXTERIORS: For drying cars I recommend you use two towels: one to get the big water spots and the other to finish to a streak free shine.  If you only have one MT then you could get most of the water off with another scratchless cloth and then finish with the MT.  It also depends on your car's finish.  I have so much wax on my car that it beads up so much that I am able to completely dry my car with one MT by frequently wringing the towel.  On my sister's car (which is 5 years old), when I used an MT on her front windshield she had thought I used Rain-x because when it rained the water beaded from the towel buffing.  I never new this (because my window is always clean, hehe), it makes that much of a difference.

FOR CARS' INTERIORS: It works wonders for the inside or your car.  If you have any dust on this inside it will pick it right up.  I do this sometimes at stop lights (some people really wonder what I'm doing).  It won't scratch your instrument panel screen.  It will make your rearview mirror shine streak free used dry or with a little "breath".  The inside widows will also remain streak free (you can sprits a little water if there is gunk or whatever).  If you have any chrome or wood trim, it will polish those right up too. 

PERSONAL: Some people use them for hair or bath towels.  One guy said he used it backpacking in Europe as his bath towel; so small and easy to carry yet very effective.  I imagine if you're a swimmer it would be handy at the pool.

AT YOUR DESK: I also keep one by my computer.  I invested so much money on that thing that I wipe it and the screen down constantly.  I save one side for the screen and the other for all the plastic parts.  It works well.  You can also use it on your reading glasses, CD ROMs, and anything else that's glass or plastic that needs dusting or polishing with out scratching.

HOUSEWORK: Of course you can use it for housework like dusting, mirrors, dishes, spills, carpet spills, and windows.  You can attach it to a cloth holder like those "disposable dusting cloths" that are weak and dust floors and other flat surfaces.  There are so many uses around the house.

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR TOWELS: It is important that you wash or rinse your towel regularly to free it from all the debris it picks up.  I use Dawn and soak it in a bucket and then rinse very well and hang to dry.  Many others machine wash with fabric softener free detergent and tumble dry low without dryer sheets and find good results.  Any residue from fabric softeners and dryer sheets will show up on whatever you're cleaning.  This is truly a special and unique product, it is recommended you save it for finishing work and save the initial dirty work for cheaper products.

GIFTS:  I have give them to some of my friends to try out.  Many people like to take care of their cars that I'm sure that I can sell to just to people I know alone.  If you give one to anyone they will want more and remember to please refer them to