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So aside from using MT's all the time, here's how I keep my car clean.
(I'll write more later)

My basic wax technique for the above pic was:
- 3 coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze
- 2+ coats of One Grand Blitz Wax (I rewax bi-monthly)
- Quick Detail once between waxing (depending on weather)

My cleaning regimen:
- I try to wash weekly (but sometimes the car stays clean)
- I always have to clean the rear wheels (due to brake dust) but I use
  Rain-X Wheel Protectant as a brake dust barrier.  It stops the adhesion
  of brake dust to my wheel.  Just spray a clear protective layer on a clean
  wheel and it keeps it protected.  Coming washing time just soap and
  sponge off.
- Every month I use Black Magic Dashboard Protectant on my dashboard. 
  I know what you're thinking: its too shiny, its silicone based, it's made by
  Black Magic.  But here's the deal, it's semi-gloss which gives it a "healthy"
  look; it's not shiny at all.  It has no silicon; it's a water-based citrus
  smelling formula.  PLEASE DO NOT confuse it with all their other shiny
  Armor All looking stuff (don't buy the clear bottle waterless formula stuff).
- I will now be using Pinnacle Car Shampoo to clean my car (heard it's really good).
- I will also be using One Grand Show Off Quick Detailer (carnuba infused).

And of Course:
- I keep an MT (Microfiber Towel) in my dash and trunk for quick detailing all the time.
- I dry my car with one MT (2's easier).
- Make sure to check out my main page where I sell microfiber towels, the same towel as the $13 ones, tags and everything.